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Remote Agricultural vehicles
Monitoring Solution

Precision Agriculture

Agriculture faces significant challenges, there is ever-increasing pressure on profit margins and farmers are also trying to produce food in the most sustainable way possible. Precision agriculture is one of many modern farming practices that make production more efficient. With precision agriculture, farmers and soils work better, not harder. Used properly, precision agri can contribute to reduced waste, increased profits, and protection of the environment.



The goal of precision farming is to improve agricultural yield and reduce potential environmental risks, while benefits are:

  • Precision Centimetre level accuracy navigation system for precision farming.

  • Monitor the soil and plant physicochemical parameters: by placing sensors (electrical conductivity, nitrates, temperature, evapotranspiration, radiation, leaf and soil moisture, etc.) the optimal conditions for plant growth can be achieved

  • Obtain data in real time: the application of sensing devices in your fields will allow a continuous monitoring of the chosen parameters and will offer real time data ensuring an updated status of the field and plant parameters at all time

  • Provide better information for management decisions

  • Provide better farm records essential for sale and succession

  • Long Range RF communication with LORA and SUB1GHZ protocol communication.

  • Save time and costs: reduce fertilizer and chemical application costs, reduce pollution through less use of chemicals

Reports and Analytics

The system generated reports fall in two categories:

  • Daily production / operations information.

  • Alerts / alarms.

  • The standard daily and weekly reports are sent to the management using email. There is also a provision to demand the reports from the web interface.

  • Alerts are usually sent by SMS or similar mechanism which would attract attention for quick corrective action.

  • The AI (Artificial Intelligence) based algorithms are used to baseline the reference behaviour of the electrical motor and brakes effectiveness. Any statistically significant variation from the base line is raised as an alert so as to avoid breakdown and allow of timely preventive maintenance and repairs.

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