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the best technology for your needs

Memo electronic devices and instruments products are of excellent quality and assembled with the best techniques. From conception to implementation, thanks also to the collaboration of industry-leading partner companies, we are proud of all our products. We are confident that our products will continue to meet customer needs as they always have. Check out our selection below.


FREESCAN X3 / X5 / X7 Series

MEMO 3D´s new FreeScan series is the ultra-portable handheld 3D laser scanner.
lt features flexible and convenient scanning mode, and the 3D metrology scanner‘s high accuracy and stability. The FreeScan series is applicable for a wide range of operating environment and a variety of measured objects.

ndt 3.png

Measuring equipment for NDT

MEMO offers a full range of measuring equipment for NDT. These include: Ultrasonic thickness gauges; Water leak detection sensors; Portable flaw detector; Digital dynamometers; Portable magnet yoke detectors and many other equipment available on request.


IoT Devices and sensors

Thanks to our wide range of IoT Devices, fully customizable according to needs, MEMO offers the remote monitoring solution for different types of machines. Our easy-to-install KITS include cloud data analysis and mobile application and together with hardware sensors that can be easily integrated or adapted on cranes, overhead cranes, truck mounted cranes, excavators, wheel loaders, flatbed trucks tippers and much more.

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