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Remote Excavator Monitoring Solution

Efficiency and Safety

MEMO ELKO’s Remote excavator monitoring solution is for construction machines like driver assistance systems for the car: they support and relieve the excavator driver, optimize the workflow and increase productivity as well as the safety on the site. Remote excavator monitoring solution allow a smooth and efficient construction process. Your staff no longer has to reside in the construction zone and can be assigned to other tasks. This significantly increases safety on the construction site, particularly in poorly visible spots. Excavation work can be optimally planned and monitored, which saves you up to 20% of the fuel consumption of your machine. Remote excavator monitoring solution not only increase the productivity but also the profitability of your business. And also optimize the efficiency on the construction site and save time.

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Benefits for excavator manufacturers

  • Fully indigenous – hence can be customized to your needs.

  • Track usage of excavator with respect to:

    • Running Hours of excavator

    • Location of excavator

    • Oil level, brakes liquid level, battery level, fuel level, possible failures or other information provided by the excavator

  • Alerts in case of:

    • Battery Capacity/fuel level

    • Fuel Theft/removed Notifications

    • Operator Presence

    • ID card Misuse

  • Any other custom alerts, data collection as per your specific excavator model.

Benefits for excavator users

  • Fully indigenous – hence reports, alerts, can be customized to your needs.

  • Daily / weekly reports by email on:

    • Running Hours / idle time.

    • Operational hours

    • Hour Meter reading for maintenance

    • Other usage based information.

  • Daily alerts on:

    • Operational parameters like RPM monitoring

    • Need of maintenance based on Battery Voltage,speed etc.

    • Fuel Theft/removed Notifications


Solution Details

Parameters collected

The system collects following information using different sensors:

  1. REMS allow tracking excavators location and gather internal parameters(oil level, brakes liquid level, battery level, possible failures or other information provided by the excavator).

  2. Get daily/hourly fuel consumption analysis along with average hourly consumption by relating fuel consumption and engine run hours.

  3. If some machine is powered on and not being used, thus powered it off to save energy and resources.

  4. Real-time location feature enables customers to improve their productivity by studying the travel habits of each worker and And optimize their daily work and use.

  5. Special devices with IP65 protection, RFID reader and wireless connectivity are installed on each excavator. Drivers must login using RFID cards to use the excavator.

Reports and Analytics

  • The system generated reports fall in two categories:

    • Daily production / operations information.

    • Alerts / alarms.

  • The standard daily and weekly reports are sent to the management using email. There is also a provision to demand the reports from the web interface.

  • Alerts are usually sent by SMS or similar mechanism which would attract attention for quick corrective action.

  • The AI (Artificial Intelligence) based algorithms are used to baseline the reference behaviour of the electrical motor and brakes effectiveness. Any statistically significant variation from the base line is raised as an alert so as to avoid breakdown and allow of timely preventive maintenance and repairs.


General information about the system

This system comprises of Edge sensors, Edge hardware device (electronics) with wireless communication, a cloud application, and an optional smart phone (Android) application. The sensors are placed on various parts of the excavators such as wheels, so on. This collects information from various parts of the excavators and brings it to the Edge hardware device.

Usually monitoring device is placed in the electrical panel. All the wires from sensors would be connected to this device.  The data collected in this device is sent periodically to the cloud server over wireless communication. You would have one such device for each excavator to be monitored.

The cloud server would collect data from several such hardware devices and display it in the browser, analyze it for long term pattern detection, and store it for future use.

The data can be accessed on demand from PC (using a browser) or smart phone (Android app). This makes the remote monitoring possible from any location as long as you have necessary login / password.

Other Features

The system is equipped with remote firmware upgrade. Thus, to upgrade the firmware with new features or bug fixes, you do not need to make a site visit. Instead it can be done from your office itself.

It has a small built-in battery which indicates tampering of the device such as removal of power, opening the box etc. This alert is sent to the server (within a few minutes) before the electronics loses power. This deters malicious tampering of the device.

In case of loss of GSM signal, the system stores the data locally. This data is then uploaded to the server once the connectivity with server is restored. Thus, even in case of loss of connectivity, there is no loss of data.

Lastly, since the hardware and software is designed and developed by VerveTronics, we can make changes, add features, and customize any of the software screens, sensors, and features. This gives a unique advantage to the user to get custom made system developed on top of a proven indigenous platform.

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